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       Personnel training

In line with company development plan and employees promotion,wetake effective use of internal and external resources to provideemployees different types of targeted training to improve staff's knowledge, quality and performance.

 Rapid staff promotion channel

Our company help employees torelaize their career plan, more than 90% of managers are promoted from ordinary ones, some miracles has happened one by one.

 The cradle of staff growth and personnel training

We offer detail and clear training scheme and implementation steps at Each stage of development, ensure that all employees have opportunity to study and develop themselve in every position change and future career development.

  Employment ideality

Our  company offer a fair competition stage for everyone to develop and improve themselves  on their capability.

Put the right person in the right position, stimulate staff's potential and talent to the maximum extent.

All the staff  in shiningocean would hold with a broad mind to accept and adapt to the work evniroment at any time ,including promotion,transfer, change of occupation